DIE CUTTING TOOLS - EN Stanzwerkzeuge aus Ungarn - Die cutting tool

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Die cutting tools from Hungary?

Yes, we can make in 1-2 days your dies,
and send by parcel service.
Quick and easy for you from Hungary!

preiswert and simple

YOUR benefits:
Small business - fast
Long-standing expertise
Small business - low prices
We can produce various kinds, special, individual, unique die cutting tools.

Our speciality:
We can build many different die cutting tools for your small machines too.

Have you got a punch machine or rotary die cutting machine?
We can produce small perfekt tools for your machine.

The maximum tool size is about 1000 x 700 mm.
The blade height and thickness: 23,80 x 0.71 mm
Plywood thickness: 18 or 14 mm Polycarbonat: 12 mm

Woud you like to use Polycarbonate Tools?

Die cutting tools from Hungary?
Yes, we can produce within 1-2 days your tools, and we can send with parcel service.

You kow, we have general Puzzle die cutting tools in three size. Are you interested in our tools? Please contact us:

Die cutting tools from Hungary
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